Deputy Presiding Officer Liam McArthur MSP joins Professor A.C. Grayling CBE, one of the UK’s most prolific philosophers and authors, in conversation to discuss Professor Grayling’s timely book, For the Good of the World: Is Global Agreement on Global Challenges Possible?

Professor Grayling discusses the three most urgent challenges facing the world today: climate change, technology and justice. 

As Master of the New College of the Humanities, and an author of over 30 books, he dissects both the threats and the inspiring solutions. Can human beings collectively agree on a set of values to save the planet from extinction?

This event was recorded live at the Scottish Parliament in August.

What are the tensions between open trade and regulatory divergence in the UK's approach to its internal market?

The Constitution Committee recently released a report on the Internal Market, and in this podcast the Deputy Convener Donald Cameron MSP was joined by Professor Michael Keating, and Dr Chris McCorkindale to discuss some of the key themes in the report.

You can find out more about the Committee's work by visiting their webpage, or by reading their report "UK Internal Market Inquiry" on the Parliament's website. 

In this episode of the podcast Allan Campbell, from the Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe), summarises what he and has team think stands out from the Scottish Government's Programme for Government 2020/21.

Find out more about SPICe's work on their blog:

Get access to SPICe's briefings: 

This episode was recorded on Monday 7 September 2020.

October 17, 2019

Brexit - Where Now?

Our Festival of Politics 2019 panel examined what’s happening with Brexit; the challenges, soundbites and negotiations.

The event was chaired by Professor Sionaidh Douglas-Scott, Anniversary Chair in Law, Queen Mary University of London and includes:

  • Professor Anand Menon, Professor of European Politics and Foreign Affairs at Kings College
  • Alex Massie, columnist with The Times and Sunday Times and Scotland Editor of The Spectator
  • Dr Kirsty Hughes, Director of the Scottish Centre on European Relations
  • Tim Martin, Chairman of J. D. Wetherspoon PLC

You can find out more about the Festival on the Festival of Politics website.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon gave a statement about the prospect of a second independence referendum, as well as an update on Brexit preparations.

April 2, 2019

The UK after Brexit

The Scottish Parliament Information Centre hosted a seminar on 27 March 2019 offering perspectives from Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish perspectives on challenges and opportunities for the UK after Brexit. Speakers included Prof. Nicola McEwan, University of Edinburgh; Prof. Dan Wincott, Cardiff University and Dr Katy Hayward, Queens University Belfast.

This event at the Scottish Parliament looked at the potential impact of Brexit on staffing, public health, medicines and medical devices in health and social care.

It was chaired by Lewis MacDonald MSP, Convener of the Parliament's Health and Sport Committee, who introduced Emma Harper MSP, Vice Convener with an update on the Committee's work.

Discussion then moved on to the guest speakers:

Professor Jean McHale and Elizabeth Speakman, spoke about their work on the ERSC funded project Health Law Outside the EU: Immediate, Intermediate and Long-Term Impacts, and Karen Hedge, National Director, Scottish Care then presented the social care perspective.

A seminar, delivered at the Scottish Parliament on the 31st January 2019 by Tony Connelly, RTE Europe Editor, Author of Brexit & Ireland, and co-presenter of the Brexit Republic Podcast.

Chaired and introduced by Joan McAlpine MSP.

What have the UK Government and the EU agreed upon so far, what does the Political Declaration cover, and where to next in the Brexit process? 

This week we catch up with Iain, a Senior Researcher within the Parliament's Information Centre, to talk about the EU Withdrawal Agreement & Political Declaration.

Find out everything you need to know about what's happened so far and what we can expect in the near future.

A recording from the Festival of Politics session titled "Living Outside the EU".

Though the UK’s future relationship with the EU is still to be determined, countries such as Norway, Iceland and Canada’s relationships with the EU provide an insight into our future. Join Chair Ann Packard, Hon. Fellow RIAS, and panellists including Jill Rutter, The Institute for Government; and Lesley Riddoch, Nordic Horizons and author of McSmorgasbord; What post Brexit Scotland can learn from the Nordics, to talk trade, economy and culture when living outside the EU.

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