July 1, 2022

All about the bees

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The Scottish Parliament has been home to several beehives since 2014, expertly cared for by local beekeeper Stuart Hood. 

Learn about what beekeepers do, how honey is made, and what unique way we use beeswax at the Scottish Parliament.

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George Monbiot is a writer, activist and environmentalist. As well as having a regular Guardian column, his books include: Feral, Age of Consent, How Did We Get into This Mess? and Out of the Wreckage: A New Politics for an Age of Crisis. His latest collection, This can’t be happening (Penguin), is a collection of galvanising speeches and essays, calling on humanity to stop averting its gaze from the destruction of the living planet, and wake up to the greatest predicament we have ever faced.

This event is chaired by Alison Johnstone MSP, Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament.

What is a green recovery? And what should it look like? These are the questions that the Environment Committee have been asking during their inquiry. Listen as we chat to their convener, as well as Parliament staff and a community worker to explore how people feel about Scotland's green recovery, and learn a little bit about the parliamentary process at the same time.

In this episode of the podcast Allan Campbell, from the Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe), summarises what he and has team think stands out from the Scottish Government's Programme for Government 2020/21.

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This episode was recorded on Monday 7 September 2020.

A new Bill at the Scottish Parliament proposes tougher regulations around the care of animals, including increased sentences for wildlife crime and more protections for service animals including service dogs.

Join Gillian Martin MSP, the convener of the Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee as she discusses the Committee’s report into The Animals and Wildlife (Penalties, Protections and Powers) (Scotland) Bill.

You can find out more about the report on the Committee's web page.

In this podcast, we hear the opportunities and challenges on achieving net-zero carbon emissions in Scotland by 2045.

Chaired by Mark Ruskell MSP, Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee, this panel includes:

  • Anne Johnstone, Head of Environment, Energy and Sustainability service for Hollis Global
  • Dr Martin Valenti, Head of Climate Enterprise for Scottish Enterprise
  • Catriona Patterson, 2050 Climate Group
  • Dr Matthew Brander, Senior lecturer in Carbon Accounting at the University of Edinburgh

This session was recorded as par of the Festival of Politics, in partnership with Edinburgh Science Festival.

The Chief Executive of the Committee on Climate Change, Chris Stark, gave evidence at The Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee then spoke to us for a quick podcast on the latest report from the Committee on Climate Change, and 'net zero' emission targets.

We speak with Gillian Martin MSP, Convener of the Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee, and Finlay Carson MSP, member of the committee, about the recently published report on the Climate Change (Emissions Reduction Targets) (Scotland) Bill.

Edward Mountain MSP, Convener of the Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee and Graeme Dey MSP, Convener of the Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee, both discuss ongoing work at the Scottish Parliament on salmon farming.

You can find out more about the inquiry and submit your views at http://ow.ly/61cW30iMPx0 

Graeme Dey MSP, Convener of the Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee discusses the Committee's newly released report on air quality.

You can view the report at http://ow.ly/8Wk630iF8Eo.

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