In this episode of the podcast Allan Campbell, from the Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe), summarises what he and has team think stands out from the Scottish Government's Programme for Government 2020/21.

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This episode was recorded on Monday 7 September 2020.

The factors which stop young women getting involved in sport have been highlighted by a group taking part in a Scottish Parliament project aimed at increasing women’s participation in politics.

Listen to Hayley Forrester, the Scottish Parliament's project lead, Beth Cloughton, the Young Women's Movement's project intern, and participants Amy King and Lauren Pluss as they discuss the project, how it came together, and the findings of their report. 

Darren McGarvey, aka LOKI, is a writer, performer, community activist and columnist. His book Poverty Safari, has recently won the prestigious Orwell Prize, is described by Irvine Welsh as, “an intellectual and spiritual rehab manual for the progressive left,” He was rapper-in-residence at Police Scotland’s Violence Reduction Unit and McGarvey’s views are being sought on everything from BBC Question Time to The Guardian. Join Darren and the Presiding Officer to discuss the “industry of deprivation”; how to achieve political representation for the unrepresented and working-class masculinity in the 21st century, as explored in McGarvey’s new album Trigger Warning. Join us for an energising mental-flossing from one of Scotland’s most inspiring commentators.

In partnership with the Open University in Scotland.

A recording from the Festival of Politics session titled "Posh or Poor?".

The demise of forelock tugging and deference to those ‘upstairs’ may make class less obvious, but with inequality and poverty rising, has Britain really thrown off its class obsession? Join our chair Kenny Farquharson, The Times, and panellists including Claire Ainsley, Director, Joseph Rowntree Foundation; Darren McGarvey aka Loki, author of Poverty Safari; Chris Snowdon, author of The Spirit Level Delusion; and John Boothman, The Times, as they discuss social mobility and meritocracy.

A recording from the Festival of Politics session titled "What does Gender Equality Look Like?"

The World Economic Forum predicted that the gender pay gap will end – but not till 2095. Join panellists Melanie Reid, The Times; Emma Ritch, Engender; Suki Wan MSYP, Chair, Scottish Youth Parliament; and Professor Lesley Yellowlees, Professor of Inorganic electrochemistry, University of Edinburgh and Royal Society of Edinburgh Fellow, to discuss their personal experiences of gender equality from work/life balance to equal pay; relationships and social norms, and how we close that gap sooner.

In partnership with Royal Society of Edinburgh.

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