August 7, 2019

World Press Photo 2019

The World Press Photo exhibition has returned to the Scottish Parliament, and we're speaking with the curator of the exhibition and one of this year's winning photojournalists.

Yi Wen Hsia is an Exhibitions Manager and Curator at World Press Photo. She has been working at World Press Photo since 2016, and Olivia Harris is a British documentary photographer and filmmaker, based in London.

You can find out more about the exhibition at

We’ll be hosting the exhibition between in Parliament from 31st July to Saturday 24th August 2019 (closed on Sundays) from 10am – 5pm, and entry is free.

Once again the Scottish Parliament is hosting the World Press Photo Exhibition, and this year it's the only location in the UK where you'll be able to see it.

We spoke with Exhibition Manager and Curator, Carla Vlaun, to find out about World Press Photo, what it's like to curate such a prestigious exhibition, and some of the most notable photographs from 2018's show. 

As with all guest interviewees, their views are their own, and not those of the Scottish Parliament.

Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament, Ken Macintosh MSP, sits down with renowned photographer, Harry Benson, to talk about his early life, his extraordinary career in the USA, and a brand new exhibition in his hometown - Glasgow. 

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